Slightly Modified 1959 Denison Smock


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    Slightly Modified 1959 Denison Smock

    Post by Rhodesian Camo on Thu Jan 01, 2015 3:08 am

    I received this smock recently.  

    It has a few unusual features:  

    First, the lower pockets don't close with metal snaps.  Instead, they close with velcro.  The metal snap half on the outside flap is just there for show and appears to be glued to the smock with a pillar of glue.  

    Second, there appears to be some snaps replaced, specifically those of the bottom 2 pockets, since some appear to be made of brass, and the green paint that usually is on the normal snaps has been stripped off all of the snaps.  The smock also smelled strongly like toxic chemicals when I first opened the package.  I had to hand wash it to remove the smell, which resulted in a minor verdigris growth on the bottom 2 snaps and part of the zipper, which showed that they were likely brass.  That is all cleaned up now (see the removing corrosion thread,  

    The snaps on the tail are also 2 different sizes.  

    Anyone know what's up with it?  I suspect at one point it might have been used in a WW2 reenactment since I heard that they were once used as stand-ins for actual smocks since they were once much more common, and because I've seen repro smocks on eBay with buttons (and snaps?) replaced in a similar manner to my smock by velcro for easier access.


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    Re: Slightly Modified 1959 Denison Smock

    Post by Gulf91 on Thu Jan 01, 2015 6:16 am

    Probably just a case of poppers getting damaged and replaced with what was available at the time.

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