My first NVA Flächentarn/Blumentarn set

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    Re: My first NVA Flächentarn/Blumentarn set

    Post by mylle on Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:45 am

    Thanks, the condition is amazing. The fabric is still waxy too.
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    Re: My first NVA Flächentarn/Blumentarn set

    Post by spukmeyer on Wed Jan 03, 2018 11:20 am

    So good.

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    Re: My first NVA Flächentarn/Blumentarn set

    Post by CollectinSteve on Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:06 pm

    They don't come in better condition than that!

    I don't know the history of the anti-gas coating (waxy feeling stuff), but I do know it wasn't used on the 1st Model (1958-1960) or on the later stuff issued in parallel with Strichtarn from 1965-1970s.  For sure I've got items from 1963 and 1964 with the waxy coating, maybe 1962.

    Answering Andrew's question from the previous page (and previous year!), there's a large variety of oddball Blumentarn stuff out there designed for explicit, narrow uses.  For example, I have a Blumentarn satchel that is fitted around a Pioneer control box for selective detonation of demolition charges.  Only one I've ever seen, but it is definitely factory made.  There's other things like that out there for sure.

    As for ammo pouches, there's only 4 that I'm aware of:

    2 Cell AK
    3 Cell AK
    2 section RPD

    You can see examples of these here, as well as a couple of oddball items:

    The 2 Cell AK pouch is designed to be worn opposite of the 3 Cell AK pouch.  The common thought is the 2 Cell AK pouch was intended for Fallschrimjäger because airborne forces (logically) have to carry more ammo on their person than normal infantry.  Given that the 2 Cell AK pouch is designed to be worn on the opposite side of the standard 3 Cell AK pouch, I presume this is an accurate theory.  If the 2 Cell was designed to be a substitute for the 3 Cell, for example rear services or armor crewmen, then it would likely be on the same side of the belt buckle as the standard 3 Cell.

    It is logical for there to have been a 4 Cell AK pouch, but I've not seen one as far as I know.  I checked my reference pictures and don't see any either.  If one exists, I'm anxious to see it Wink

    Note that there's two distinctly different Blumentarn hoods, as there is for Strichtarn.  The 1st Model has button holes and was designed for the 1964 experimental jacket and 1965 and early 1966 1st Model production jacket.  The 2nd Model has no button holes and was designed for wear with the 2nd Model and subsequent models.  The button hole types are very hard to find for either Strichtarn or Blumentarn.  The latter is super expensive if you see one for sale, whereas the non-hole type is just silly expensive Wink


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    Re: My first NVA Flächentarn/Blumentarn set

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