My Colombian Stuff


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    My Colombian Stuff

    Post by TennoHeikaNate on Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:13 am

    Got a few things over the years, a few from other people on here.

    Starting off with a set of some Army "Tigrillo" or "Ocelot" camo, from Steve or Eric I believe?
    Unfortunate ink stain, stamps are all but faded, and unit badges have been removed, all but the collar tabs which I can't seem to ID.
    The trousers have several mismatched pieces of fabric, showing the variation of color. Maybe intentional for wet/dry seasons?

    The collar tabs.

    Cap and cover. Cover I believe is from Steve? Can't recall, let me know if you recognize it.
    Very simple, good construction and nice color variations.

    Next up is an Army set of Jungle Pixelado, in the "Patriota" uniform.
    Both are missing tags unfortunately, and have a little wear but not as bad as the Tigrillo.
    Very nice pattern I think, reminds me of the Chinese Type 07 Artillery pattern a bit.

    Trousers were acquired from a Canadian fellow who traveled to Bogota and found them
    Good quality, BDU cut.

    Right sleeve of the coat has a blood type/Rhesus badge and an "Homeland, Honor, Loyalty" award?/badge.

    Left side has an "ARMY" tape and "COLOMBIA" tab.
    A patch is missing from the left sleeve pocket and possibly a qualification tab under the Colombia one as well.
    Left chest pocket is missing a "Faith in the Cause" award.

    Overview, you can see the missing sleeve patch, "Fe en la Causa" award, and a large missing name/rank patch from the right chest.

    Unfortunately due to the situation in Colombia, access to these uniforms, even the old ones has been heavily restricted.

    And lastly, as an extra, a Colombian National Police BDU coat, named to a Patrolman. It was acquired from a US servicemember who got it from the patrolman who was attending a US Army infantry school.
    Colombian police assist the military on anti-cartel patrols, and receive military training and even special skills such as parachute qualification.
    They have their own uniform and even variants for vehicle crewman, pilots, and special units.
    As far as I can tell the only insignia missing from this particular coat is his badge, understandably.


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    Re: My Colombian Stuff

    Post by jimmyduncan23 on Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:51 am

    Nice collection of uniforms and photos. I like the patterns alot

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