Some recent British finds, and some questions, Part 2!


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    Re: Some recent British finds, and some questions, Part 2!

    Post by Edward53 on Mon Oct 09, 2017 5:16 pm

    Some nice items here. The NBC suits were carried (if at all) in the large pack if unopened. If opened, you had to try and roll them into the poncho roll which was next to impossible and you ended up with about a foot of material sticking out at each end.

    I like the cap in the first picture, looks an early shade of dpm.

    The buttoned smock liner is for the arctic and SAS windproofs. The type used with the parka has velcro ties; the sleeveless type is for wear under the combat smock.

    Your arctic smock is from about 1985 according to my list of contract numbers. The trousers look the same age or a bit later - they have a dark green shade to the dpm that you don't find before that.

    Are the LW trousers Imperial or metric sized? Sounds like they were on the cusp of a pattern transition. Contract number would help.

    I think the HM Supplies smocks were made from the mid 80s to sometime in the 90s. They were private purchase and not an issue item.

    Very nice colour to the 3rd jungle hat down, it has a 1970s look and has been cut down as they often were. Also a good early S6 bag in the same photo.

    That helmet is the one that followed the Mk6, I think a Mk6a but not certain. Mesh liner pad instead of three joined cords (perhaps you already knew this.)

    The woollen cuffs are a parka mod, they weren't ever made like that.

    The green-white reversible smock looks to be in very good condition. Usually the white coating is flaking off. These are not common, and if it's Size S, M or L then it's early and a really rare find. They were used a lot in the Falklands campaign but I think I have read that our chaps were discouraged from using the trousers. I've never seen an early pair of the trousers.

    Nice early 70s para beret. They are scarce!

    The dpm helmet cover seems to be a c. 1985 contract, so yes a rare early one. I haven't seen one with a CT contract number before, only ever with SL32 or 34.

    I like the Arktis chest rig. It looks quite early to me, possibly late 1980s going by the dpm colour and general appearance. From about the mid-90s they have a label inside the flap with the company telephone number. The ones before that just have the small "Arktis" label on the outside.

    I think the desert hat is probably early, going by the small ventilation grommets. The early Granby uniforms had a tendency to fade to that colour. If there is a maker's name on the label they are Granby period, if not they are later.

    Great thread! Your surplus store sounds like the sort of place we all want to find! Sadly it doesn't happen as often as we'd like..... Smile

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    Re: Some recent British finds, and some questions, Part 2!

    Post by michelwijnand on Mon Oct 09, 2017 5:50 pm

    Thanks, I think I've seen a few photos now of NBC stuff rolled somewhat "in" poncho rolls, just looking at the size of this stuff vacuum packed it's
    pretty massive together with the other stuff that's supposed to be rolled in there!

    The cap from the 1st pic is indeed early, it has an A/78 contract inkprinted in the crown, still very readable.

    And thanks for confirming my suspicions of the button and sleeves liner, I already had it inside the arctic smock, which is indeed one of the transitional
    ones that appeared around 84-85.
    Still looking to find a parka liner for a nice price, with the shippingcost from the UK it gets pretty pricey for just a liner.

    The LW trousers are metric sized and contracted CT2A/3394, there were also some that I think I remember as having almost the same contract number,
    but were of the last type without cargo pocket.

    And good to know the date range of the HM smock, so I can see what loadout I could use it for.

    The jungle hat is indeed early, like the cap it has an A/78 contract prefix.
    This S6 bag has 4 holes in the back where bits of string were poking through to fix it directly to a belt, and the strap has been removed. I already had an
    unmodified one laying around, so I bought this one because of the mod and it was dirtcheap.

    The helmet with the mesh pad is not a Mk6A though, the Mk6A is made in black with a rough shell and black mesh, this is an 80's smooth green shell helmet
    with green mesh in a sifferent configuration as the 6A ones.
    I've seen just one before in a facebook helmet collector group, it has some barely readable markings on the edge of the mesh pad, saying something like
    "liner, adjustable" and a faded NSN code after it. It was also an 80's green smooth shell.
    I think it's may have been a short run of a trial type meant for use with extra weight like the nape protector and visor, similar to how there was a very short
    run of Mk5 helmets with 3-point chinstrap and visor for riot use.

    And thanks for clarifying about the parka cuffs. What I find interesting about it though is that where they normally added such cuffs to the actual jacket's
    outer cuffs (like the temperate jacket in my last post), here they added them to the inside, giving it both the wool cuffs and the original adjustable strap cuffs.

    The reversible smock is quite good condition yes, the tapes have some slightly loose edges, but they don't seem like they were all completely pasted down anyway.
    There's no tag or marking to see a size on anymore, but at least just minimal flaking, which is nice!

    The beret was a lucky find on a sales website here in Holland, randomly popped up just at the moment I needed it, I've never seen such an early one for sale here
    before, just later ones reworked for WW2 reenacting.

    I'm quite happy with the early Mk6 cover, there was also one there with a strange contract number, no letters at all, just around 10 numbers, no idea what that
    would indicate.

    Which chestrig would you mean is early? I don't even know which type was earlier, with or without visible buttons. I've seen the buttoned ones in Granby pics, but
    I can't remember seeing the other ones on any, just in Balkan or later pics, are those a later type?
    There is a timeline thread for these rigs here on the forum, but all the pic links are dead, so no info to be found there.
    The one without buttons visible does have the inner tag, the 5 magpouches one too, and the 3+2 pouches rig doesn't.

    The DDPM boonie is early yes, it has a SL33B contract and a maker on the tag, I forgot which, I already put it in my storage with a WIP Granby kit.

    Most of this stuff came from the same store, though some stuff also comes from ebay and other websites. But this shop has been buyign large loads of UK surplus stuff
    lately, a bit of a hit and miss with what they find, but there's some real gems in there! I also found a round pockets p68 jacket which I was really looking for, but it has
    a pocket almost coming off, sadly such damaged items make up about a third of what they get in the crates.
    I usually visit this place about once every 2 months, in that time they'll have sorted through some more crates of stuff to put in the shop. I think there was also a
    Pecoc camo backpack but I forgot all about it, maybe it'll still be there the next time.

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    Re: Some recent British finds, and some questions, Part 2!

    Post by Edward53 on Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:18 am

    I didn't know that about the trials helmet, but my knowledge of trials kit is minimal and my knowledge of kit after 1991 is mostly limited to knowing what to avoid.

    I was referring to the Arktis chest rig. I know colour is not an infallible guide but that shade of dpm looks very early to me, perhaps one of the first ones made in the mid-80s. I have two Arktis rigs, one that I know is 1990 production and one I think is about the same age, and on both of them the camo colours show through on the inside of the material. Later ones I've seen show just off-white inside, so my theory is that's one way to tell an early one. But it's just a theory.

    I don't know what the helmet cover with the 10-digit number might be, trials perhaps? I've seen a few trials helmet covers recently but none that I believed were genuine.

    Here's my GW reversible smock and label. This one is unissued, a lucky find among a batch of later ones. I am 6 foot 2 tall and 44 chest and it is like a tent on me, not surprising as it's designed to go over combat clothing.

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    Re: Some recent British finds, and some questions, Part 2!

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