'Terp, Please? Items with Arabic Tags...

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    'Terp, Please? Items with Arabic Tags...

    Post by sh4pak on Mon Sep 25, 2017 1:37 pm

    --I found these items at different times, and neither was from a known source.

    I tried every kind of search-fu that I know how to do, but I just can't read Arabic, and I can't fake it.

    I believe that the 3-color says that it is 50/50 NyCo, but I don't know...
    It is well constructed, and made of sturdy material, but the only similar uniforms I could find were either Egyptian, or available through Ali Baba-- but Ali Baba rarely demonstrates such quality.


    The jacket is also strange. I looked around for Arab-Speaking Nations that have Air Force and Navy capability, but there are not many, and of those that do, there are not many images available.


    KIMG1221 by sh4pka, on Flickr
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