Interesting combination of Slovak uniforms


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    Interesting combination of Slovak uniforms

    Post by Thibir on Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:30 am

    I was doing some photo research and found bunch of interesting photos of different uniforms used by Slovak army.

    First of all, use of old vz. 97 uniforms with new webbing and helmets.

    note modernized vz. 58 rifle

    black leg holsters are probably commercial

    detail on grenade launcher

    smaller women have troubles when acquiring correct vz 2007 sizes

    now more interesting pictures, recon guys, probably from 5. PŠU (5th special purpose regiment)
    vz. 85 for paratroopers with vz. 2007 webbing

    guy with rifle has vz. 85 for paratroopers with Czech vz. 95 cap. Other guy has Czech uniform instead vz. 85 for paratroopers and probably commercial boonie.

    I don´t know the jacket this guy practicing digging is wearing. According to the other photos from set I think it is kind of rain jacket

    BW Goretex parka, guys in the behind seems to be wearing NBC suit instead of rainproof suit

    NBC suit jacket?

    Unidentified jacket

    BW parka as a base of sniper camouflage

    sniper utilizing desert uniform in woodland area

    Vz. 60 as a base of sniper camouflage.

    Also there is picture of guy wearing  DDPM ubacs with vz. 97 desert trousers, but I can´t find it right now.

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