Some Questions About Duby



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    Some Questions About Duby

    Post by Zrut on Sat Apr 14, 2018 4:21 pm

    Some time ago, I managed to get my hands on what I assumed to be a Duby/Mraky reversible oversuit. It was in very poor condition (faded, rips and tears, without the carry-bag, and with no hood or demigloves in evidence), so I assumed it had been taken and converted into montérky (work clothes), which I understand happened to quite a few of the old sets. However, something's not quite right with that hypothesis now that I take a closer look.

    The Trousers are fairly standard, a few foliage loops are missing and there's a few tears.

    This is where things get interesting though. The deep V-necked collar I've seen before, on an old image of a rebel in Portuguese Angola. That suit also didn't have hood or gloves. Furthermore, there's no evidence on the collar that there ever was a hood attached that was later torn off, and the collar looks like a part of the whole rather then a later repair or addition.

    Likewise there is no evidence of the gloves having ever been attached and then removed.

    And the final nail in that particular coffin are the pockets - standard oversuit pocket slits meant to allow one access to pockets or pouches on their uniform under the oversuit. In all montérky conversions I've seen these would be sewn shut. So the end result is, I have no idea what on earth I actually have here. It's by all appearances original, but it doesn't match the pattern I'd expect. Does anyone have any further insights or information?

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