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    Taiwanese patches Empty Taiwanese patches

    Post by badjez on Sat Oct 27, 2018 9:02 pm

    Taiwan (Reference numbers relate to Waring Pamphlet Pamphlet No8)

    HQ, Special Forces B22
    1 , Special Forces Group B23
    ROTC Instructor B52
    1 Field Army B9
    2 Field Army B10
    51 Inf Div B43
    QM Services B70
    Transportation Corps B73
    1 Armoured Div Triangle divided gold/blue/red with tracks & lightning strikes B94
    Army Training Centre B76
    3 Infantry Replacement Training Centre B82
    4 Infantry Replacement Training Centre B83
    5 Infantry Replacement Training Centre B84Taiwanese patches Taiwan10
    Taiwanese patches Taiwan11

    With the exception of 1 Armoured Div, these must be disposed of- pm me

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