Dutch weapons (originally posted by ys2003)


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    Dutch weapons (originally posted by ys2003)

    Post by ADMIN on Tue Feb 17, 2009 2:26 pm

    picture of a accuracy sniper rifle used by dutch SF sniper teams

    picture Diemaco c8 a1 with HK 40 mm grenade launcher used by SF teams in afghanistan-weapon is painted in deserttan

    diemaco c8 a1 with supressor used by Dutch SF teams in Afghanistan

    miniimi with folded stock as used by Dutch SF and other Dutch infantry units

    mossberg shotgun used by counterterrorism teams (CT) Dutch SF-this weapon is used in Afghanistan

    HK MP 577 used by CT teams Dutch SF

    FN P 90 MP used by Dutch SF units

    SF vehicle Mercedes Benz 290 diesel-with heavy armement including for the co-driver FN MAG with Elcan scope-rear gunner with Browning .50- AT 4 launchers-Diemaco C8 A1-backup weapon Glock 17-smoke launchers.

    picture of a Dutch SF knive only made for Dutch SF operators


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