My Modded issue para smock, Recce/SF


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    My Modded issue para smock, Recce/SF

    Post by bravo_2_zero on Wed Feb 24, 2010 6:12 pm

    My issue basic para smock, took it to riggers shop and added a SASS cop vest to it, Issue sniper pads ( i think are quiet rare ), camo loops for camo,changed 1 press stud pocket to button for important stuff.

    DZ badge on velcro pocket as the RSM liked to see them even in the field.

    Hard as hell grenade pin for the zipper ring !!!

    Thing in pockets are food and water, cylo sticks, pens,speed loader 5.56mm,FFD,Iodine,Knife.

    Ammo etc... was kept in the South African genuine issue vest but this was oftern binned and jacket order was used when on COP recce.

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