Good Deal On Some WWIi Sleep Sacks (Arctic Mounatins)

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    Good Deal On Some WWIi Sleep Sacks (Arctic Mounatins)

    Post by Alaskan Scout on Sat Mar 13, 2010 1:32 am

    Got these @ 20$ for the set...

    One thing that is confusing me is the Nylon one that goes in the huge ECW outter layer..It has only a half zipper that tells me its WWII but the nylon material is throwing me off..if it was a M49 it be a full zipper...

    Goes inside this one....This one has a full zipper and opens up to a large quilt like blanket..

    thei one is marked 1943. Unlike the others that have no readable lables..

    This one is pretty cut and dry..M1943 Mountain ruck w/ cover..In great condition but for some fading from OD to tan/khaki..

    ANY inof about the nylon one would be great...I posted this @ the other fourm but i think i got on thier nerves w/ the post and no one understood what i was asking about the nylon one..

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