B-17 Curtain


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    B-17 Curtain

    Post by panzerwerk on Sat Jun 26, 2010 12:36 pm

    B-17G Radio Hatch cover , this cover was for the top plexiglass window with the single .50 in it , sadly it was used as a paint tarp and one side has little drops of paint on it , I may try to remove some when I have a chance .
    The tarp was slightly modified by removing some of the sewn gussets for a form fit , and the .50 barrel opening has been sewn shut , all repairable , the three center lines read :




    I am proud to say , I have found a wonderful home for the B-17 G curtain , it will reside at the U.S. Air Force museum in Dayton Ohio, Since it was not in the realm of my collecting,and I figured it was a semi rare part , I started calling a couple museums to see if they wanted it for use on any restoration project , currently Dayton is restoring 2 B-17's "Shoo Shoo Baby" and one other I forget the name , the curator told me they would use my original for one of the Bombers and make a repo from mine for the second , I feel very good being able to help a museum like this !!

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