various camouflage

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    Re: various camouflage

    Post by 59tankbat on Wed Sep 23, 2015 3:48 pm

    5 years??Wow! i had a few tailors within a few days(around Camp1) and there willing to make whatever i wanted.(as long as u pay!)i had a tailor made police camo,and talked to a police and army guys and the did not mind,i told them im collector and i taking it out of the country. affcourse its not alloud ,but hey its The Philippines!
    There are stock uniforms for sale with patches already on the shirts.There are many shops but difficult to find.i found some shops thru asking the tailors/sellers and militairy museums staff.the local people now were to find it.
    Used uniforms are hard to find,maybe in used clothing stores.
    if you ever going to Angeles(Clark freezone) there is a big Militairymarket Named : Marina Arcade Pampanga its along the McArthur highway at Dau,lots of us and ph militairy uniforms /items fr sale there.

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    Re: various camouflage

    Post by romeomike on Thu Sep 24, 2015 9:42 am

    What really took 5 years to find out is where this guy called "Steven" was located in Manila. A tailor told me where he was located when I decided to have a custom fitted camouflage jackets to wear.

    Because the Navsog Tigerstripes is what I was really hunting for. I've heard that Dau was a place for military and tailoring needs. I will eventually visit that place.

    I'm really amazed how local tailors here are so skilled to make these uniforms. From the jungle fatigue cut, acu style and tactical uniforms.

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