"Alive Museum" in Valencia's military museum history.


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    "Alive Museum" in Valencia's military museum history.

    Post by William_Blond on Sun Oct 03, 2010 3:17 pm

    Today, in Valenia, on military museum, has been celebrate a "Alive Museum".

    Here you can visit all the museum rooms, with reenactors and his uniforms, who goes with you explaining the pieces of the museum. And the same time, outside of the museums, other reenactors are acting and demonstrating his uniforms, weapons, doing instruction, etc... is very interesting.

    Today were groups as WWII like Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe, or other groups like XVI - XVIII centuries, napoleonic periode...

    The next "Alive Museum" will be the 7th of November, and will came only WWII renactors, with historical vehicles, and new group who reenact the Spanish Blue Division.

    Now the pictures, i hope that you enjoy watching it.

    A soldier Wehrmacht reenactor, explaining the museum.

    And this is all. The 7th of November, i'll put more pictures, but i'll open other post.

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