Interesting metal plaque to Flotillenadmiral


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    Interesting metal plaque to Flotillenadmiral

    Post by Edward T. on Mon Dec 13, 2010 11:41 pm

    Can't remember quite where I picked this one up but its been on my wall for a while.

    It's a metal award plaque given to Flotillenadmiral Mahlke of the German Naval Air Arm in Panama city on December 9th, 1963.

    On the front the plaque features the engraved words of Kommando Marineflieger on top and Kiel on the bottom.

    The reverse features "Many Thanks Four Your Splendid Hospitality! (Mahlke)
    Flotillenadmiral CDR. German Naval Air Arm Panama City 9. Dec 1963" What looks to be his signature is also included.

    From searching the internet, I believe this is a plaque from Helmut Mahlke, the Stuka pilot who earned the Knights Cross on 16 July 1941 and later served with the Bundswehr.

    If anyone has information on Flotillenadmiral Mahlke it would be greatly appreciated Very Happy

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