WANTED: MTPs, hats, etc

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    WANTED: MTPs, hats, etc

    Post by lammasulyon on Sun Mar 27, 2011 4:01 am

    hey guys,
    recently my Egay account got banned for some lame reason, so im left with not many choices on my supply of gear!
    IACMC is a great website, and hopfully theres someone in this forum that can help me in my arguably never ending quest for global combat uniform domination! lolololol

    looking for a:
    mtp combat uniform set, size 170/88 pants waist 80cm height 178,
    NZDPM set size 80S (and do with 75/80R)
    nederlands jungle pattern (NOT THE DPM ONE) size small-short (small- reg fine)
    marpat woodland (looking for the one with velcro patches on the sleeve pockets) small-short

    and the most wanted:

    ive recently been looking in the modified gear section, and ive notice some special forces soldiers modifiying their boonie hats into a short brim one, with ir velcro tabs. eg: http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif

    size would be 55-57, but any size fine! absolutely love these beauties!

    be it woodland, dcu, acu , marpat, dpm, etc

    if anyone can help me get one, id be more than happy!

    got nothing left to trade,so will pay for items...please have decent prices, recently turned into a very poor bloke!


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