TRU versus HPFU

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    TRU versus HPFU

    Post by sh4pak on Wed Feb 06, 2013 10:05 pm

    --So, I have me some humble opinions. One of those opinions is that when TruSpec tells me that their TRU is the culmination of millions of combined years of research, and survey data from public health professionals... I think that they're bunking me pretty hard (especially when the product of all that knowledge looks more-or-less like ACU).

    On the other hand, when Blackhawk! tries to sell me something I think "Well, too expensive, really-- but if my LIFE depended on it, I might just swing that way." Although, at first glance... they don't seem to be deviating much from the ACU mold...

    You can decide for yourselves:

    Side by side:

    (Yeah, artefacts on my lense, I'll sort that out later).

    Then, side by side, back:

    First thing you see is a big difference in the yoke. Actually, that's all you really see-- but having been a broad-shouldered man at one time in my life, I can appreciate it (Blackhawk!, for the win).

    Arm to arm:

    Here we see that Blackhawk! has their logo here. We also see *larger* pockets of the leftward specimen.


    Open that pocket, and what do you find?

    A... omg. You find a tourniquet.

    Tourniquets are among the many things I prefer to never, ever think about. Evidently, this particular type is approved by the US Army. It is located in a good spot, too. It *is* a trifle bulky, and I suspect that if one were running around and doing stuff of a dangerous nature, it might cramp the proverbial *style* of a movie star. Since I reckon a lot of operators actually store tourniquets in their extra pockets, however... maybe this is a good thing to have here.

    Breast to breast:

    Pocket slant is a big deal, isn't it? I don't know who wins this round. Pocket size, and ease of use? Again, I am uncertain, although it *does* look like Blackhawk! thought about it. Or maybe asked somebody about it. TRU look like they just nicked the Army pattern, again.

    Now, the inner-side-bits:

    Blackhawk!'s is elasticated. TRU's is not.

    Lower arm/ forearm:

    Hawk!'s has got another pocket. TRU's does not. (This pocket also has a tourniquet).


    Both have room for padded inserts, but the Hawk! has some rubbery-stuff in a strangely feminine pattern. Again, I have to chalk this up to them having talked to somebody about it.

    And, the fronts, respectively: Blackhawk!

    Looks like you could unzip it.


    Has a hook & loop stormflap. Like an ACU. Perhaps they know best... but... isn't Velcro noisy?

    In the end, I am not a steely-eyed killer, and I admit that, but, if I were to just muse on the subject for a second-- and tell you what I *really* think, I would say that the Balckhawk! version seems less about being such a killer, and more about being a survivor. Truspec's offering seems to be there for people who direct traffic to look like a bada$$.

    Which is not to say that people who direct traffic *shouldn't* look like Mad Dog Killers.

    Who am I to make the distinction?

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