Some South Korean Uniform Jackets



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    Some South Korean Uniform Jackets

    Post by Deepdown on Thu Aug 01, 2013 7:20 am

    Found these in a pile of more than 200 South Korean uniforms that were piled on the floor of a second hand clothing shop. I have other South Korean camo patterns but different, not this pattern. I got these four. I wanted to get more but I had a flight to catch and this was all that could fit into my bag.

    What exactly are these? No two are the same. None have the same chest pockets. Two of these close the chest pockets with velcro, one with press studs and one with buttons. Sleeve pockets are different. None have buttons or velcro on the sleeve cuffs. There are variations even in the base color of the pattern.


    Anyone know what this patch is? Two of the jackets I got have this same patch. The buttons for the front closure are slightly smaller than those on the other three jackets..

    Chest pockets are angled and close with velcro...


    This one has a more "khaki" base color...

    Chest pockets are horizontal and close with buttons...


    Another mystery patch...

    Chest pockets are angled and close with velcro. Pocket corners are rounded.


    This one is more faded than the others.

    Chest pockets are angled. Same patch as on first jacket...

    Chest pockets close with press studs.

    Color variations

    Sleeve pockets... One of the four doesn't have one.


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    Re: Some South Korean Uniform Jackets

    Post by l2lMrFox on Wed Mar 04, 2015 4:53 pm

    Maybe, These uniforms are custom made one.
    Many of Old Korean Marine Veterans wear Many kind of custom made marine uniform.
    (You can easily find them on Many Festivals in Korea.)

    Marines are once/still regarded as 'Elite Troop' in S.Korea.
    They are very proud of their Marine career.
    So, They put custom made and other unrelated insignia on their uniform, when they finnish service.
    Also, wear Custom made uniform and hang around with another Marine Veterans.

    See some of photos in here :대한민국%20해병대/악습

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