Information needed! -Cleaning kit


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    Information needed! -Cleaning kit

    Post by sobota on Tue Aug 13, 2013 2:49 pm

    Hello all! I've disappeared for a while due to being über busy but i'm back and have new toys to show off all in due course, however right now i'm DESPERATE for some information about a particular cleaning kit part.

    I know I might be pushing my luck a tad here, but I work for an mod contractor and in one of our processes we use a modified cleaning rod assembly, consisting of one looped end, 5 extension pieces, then another modified extension piece that is made by our facility handy-man. From my army days I know that in the SA80 A2 cleaning kit (NOT the new little black zip up pouch one) there was an attachment for the cleaning rod which had a female thread at one end and was flattened at the other with a slot for some flanellette, we desperately require this part however our stores have exhausted all lines of enquiry, and even our RAF stores contact who gave us all the other parts don't really know what this piece is officially called, the NSN or any part numbers etc.

    This is a call out to my brothers in arms to provide absolutely ANY information you might be able to dig up! If you have any cleaning kits please look in them, manuals, training documents, please read them, even if you know a guy who knows a guy please ask them! I can't even find a photo on the interwebs of the piece. It it definitely exists i'm not dreaming it up haha.


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    Re: Information needed! -Cleaning kit

    Post by filupe on Tue Aug 13, 2013 8:13 pm

    Interesting ... we have a similar part for our Steyrs cleaning kits (which are essentially US ones for the M-16) except that it has a male thread. AFAIK it was simply known as 'Flannelette holder'

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    Re: Information needed! -Cleaning kit

    Post by loski on Wed Aug 14, 2013 3:38 am

    Have you tryed comercial cleaning kits or evil bay
    I found this on ebay but it has a male tread on the end but could you get a brass tube with female treads both ends to fit it to the cleaning rod

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    Re: Information needed! -Cleaning kit

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