Spanish Navy/Marines Camo Uniforms


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    Spanish Navy/Marines Camo Uniforms

    Post by CollectinSteve on Mon Aug 26, 2013 1:46 am

    Spanish Navy and Marines uniforms are identical to each other except for a stenciled "Infantria de Marina" stenciled over the left breast pocket on Marines issued uniforms.

    The patterns break down into two types.  The first is based on US ERDL, the second on US M81 Woodland.  It seems that the ERDL type existed from about 1984-1998.  The Woodland type from about 1999 through 2010 (though probably in use longer).  Ripstop took over around 2006 from what I can tell.

    The desert uniform is based on the ERDL pattern and first appears around 2003. This is interesting because the ERDL pattern had been dropped by this point in time.

    The tailoring of the uniforms has remained almost completely unchanged since the early 1980s through today.  The only significant changes since then have been button, going from medium sized to rather small sized between ERDL and Woodland types.  Also it appears that the IM (Marines) logo was changed slightly at least once, though perhaps twice.

    1st Model ERDL (date 1984)

    2nd Model ERDL, bright colors (date 1998)

    1st Model Woodland (date unknown)

    Early contractor variation (date unknown)

    2nd Model Woodland, in Ripstop (date 2006, Navy version)

    Desert uniform (date 2003)

    Comparison of ERDL and Woodland patterns:


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