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    Post by CollectinSteve on Thu Jul 11, 2019 7:32 pm

    ripcord wrote:After looking at the slant pocket type uniforms in my collection, I am now more than certain there are not 2 versions of that uniform.  I am confident that the appearance of differences are only due to fading and maybe fabric differences..

    heh. That post of mine was from 4 years ago and I honestly don't know what I was referring too Smile However, I did check my 1990s uniforms just now (the Italian ones are thankfully available) and can confirm that there are some slight production variations.

    1??? (no labels) - slash vent holes under armpits and in crotch. Direct embroidered BSM logo on left chest pocket flap. No metal grommets, velcro backings appear to be added after manufacture. Inside cloth has major color bleed.

    1994 - same as above except metal grommets in jacket pocket corners and no armpit vent holes of any sort.

    1996 - same as above but with direct embroidered BSM logo on left chest pocket flap and cloth has almost no color bleed on the inside. Velcro appears to be factory applied.

    1997 - same as above but without BSM logo. Velcro definitely factory applied.

    The 1997 set came from Sportsmans Guide ages ago and I probably had more than a dozen go through my hands. I've got two sets in hand now. I also had a dozen or so used 1990s sets from which I plucked my 1994 and 1996 sets from. The amount of variation in the camouflage colors, due to production variations and wear, is pretty huge.

    Anyhoo, I definitely agree that all four of my sets are single uniform type (1st Model) that comes in Early and Late variations.

    Such a beautiful pattern Smile

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    Post by ripcord on Fri Jul 12, 2019 5:46 pm


    Such a beautiful pattern definitely applies.   I was recently doing a bit of research on  MM/SM uniforms, so I figured I'd share..    There is a lot of info on these patterns, but not all of it  helpful.

     At some point  I thought the last type uniforms were of two different hues, if not different colors .   That is not the case.

    I suppose the many variations in patterns of 1st type uniforms led to the standardization of the pattern which  appeared on  second type uniforms around 2000.

    The second type uniform is itself very interesting not only because it introduced the new universal pattern, but because it was a mix of old and new.

    The jacket is basically a first type with a couple of changes . The bottom cargo pockets have been deleted, while the chest pockets are now straight  instead of slanted ( pockets are identical ) .

    Besides the pattern now being on the inside as well, that is basically it.  The weird ( but cool )  back panel with cinching buttons of the first type is retained. I am told the trousers were identical to 1st type.

    It is the last type that uses embroidered green stars at collarpoints   3rd. type have sown on stars that are identical to those of the rest of the Italian armed forces.

    Last photo shows 3rd and 2nd types ( from left ).


                                                                                                                                                            Italian Navy camo - Page 2 Dscn8335

                                                                                                                                                            Italian Navy camo - Page 2 Dscn8336

                                                                                                                                                            Italian Navy camo - Page 2 Dscn8337


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