Dutch Prototype LBV?


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    Dutch Prototype LBV? Empty Dutch Prototype LBV?

    Post by Camonut314 on Fri Jul 25, 2014 6:13 pm

    I picked this up on eBay.fr a while ago thinking that it was from the 8eme RPIMA in Rwanda, operation Turquiose in 1994 (my own speculation, not the seller's), but upon closer inspection, it is very clearly Dutch in origin. The pattern looks distinctly like the Dutch DPM, there is a back panel in a course canvas material similar to the Dutch FAL pouches, and I know that the Dutch standard web equipment looks a lot like a modular version of the us LBV 88, so a version made for the Special forces makes a lot of sense.

    The overall construction is very well done, the pouch flaps each have velcro and snaps, and one can "silence" the velcro with covers. Buckles are unmarked, but the slides are made by YKK- no date, though.

    Any thoughts?

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