Info on Baltic patches on Danish uniforms?


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    Info on Baltic patches on Danish uniforms?

    Post by saltefanden on Thu Oct 09, 2014 5:01 pm

    A lot of writing for a simple question, I know...Sorry.
    But I bought these patches (+ a few extras), from the reputed, but now sadly defunct, militaria antique shop, 4 Collectors in Copenhagen.

    When Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania all gained their independence in the early 90's, The Danish Army were some of the first to contribute and assist building the national armies of the Baltic states, and close national, political and strategic bonds were tied (which remains to this day btw, where Danish F-16's remains stationed in the Baltic as part of NATO's plan for the protection of the areas airspace).

    Now, I know I've seen pictures of Baltic soldiers from all three nations in Danish M/84 camo clothes and equipment in Hardy Blechman's comprehensive, if rather patched-together book 'DPM', and I know that at least the Estonian Army had a contingent of troops under UN command in the peacekeeping mission in Bosnia-Hercegovina, working with the Danes. But how where these patches and epaulettes worn?
    The parachute-shaped patches has the Danish spelling, and not that of the respective countries, stitched on. And the elderly gentleman who sold me these said, that Baltic soldiers had indeed trained at the adjacent military academy, which was how the patches had come to him in the first place, a long time ago.
    Can anyone show or tell me more on these patches, please? Pictures even? Thanks!

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