US SATC uniform - with leggings


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    US SATC uniform - with leggings

    Post by tlundberg1 on Sun Nov 30, 2014 7:23 pm

    I acquired this uniform about a year ago.  We had our carpets cleaned, and the man who did so saw my uniform collection and mentioned that his wife had some uniforms from her grandfather and father.  I bought her grandfather's WWI uniform and her father's WWII/Korean war uniform.  She included some photos from 1918 of her grandfather wearing his uniform.  He was in the SATC (Student Army Training Corps) at the time, which is the forerunner of the ROTC.

    Note that the jacket has plastic buttons, and not metal buttons with eagle emblems.

    Lightweight, tan color trousers.

    Along with the puttees, she had these gaiters with the WWI uniform.  I thought that these were probably WW2 era (I have a pair from WW2, but these are slightly different in pattern and color), since they are not the WWI style of gaiters that I am familiar with.  However, the photo below appears to clearly show her grandfather wearing these in lieu of the puttees.

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