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    battle dress tunic

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    battle dress tunic  Empty battle dress tunic

    Post by thunderchild Sat Aug 01, 2015 6:06 pm

    just to share my israeli tunic in the british 1937 pattern ,this one is dated 1957 and is most probably one of the earliest formal army uniform tunics in the post 1948 years ,the british mk11 helmet is also israeli issue albiet without a liner ,the jacket is a size -50 and undoubtedly not a locally made itembattle dress tunic  013_zpsmtosn8v1[/URLbattle dress tunic  004_zpseq8icmwp] battle dress tunic  005_zpsse9jepffbattle dress tunic  010_zpselklgduwbattle dress tunic  009_zpsxlfsa1iobattle dress tunic  006_zpsdpjjvmc3

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