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    Diamondback Tactical Plate Carrier


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    Diamondback Tactical Plate Carrier Empty Diamondback Tactical Plate Carrier

    Post by nkomo Thu Jul 02, 2009 4:04 pm

    I picked up this plate carrier on my last visit to Ft. Campbell. I found this in a little surplus shop for $20. The shop was FULL of surplus and items the soldiers had sold to him. He had a beautiful Panamanian 5th Victoriano Lorenzo woodland BDU set (Panamanian made) that was captured during Just Cause. He would not part with that set for anything. I even made him a very generous offer and he declined.

    Anyway, this is a Diamondback Tactical plate carrier in coyote/desert tan. As you can see, this vest has a hand penned G-3399 on the tag. Seems that the letter/numbers combo was a common practice for soldiers to identify their uniforms and gear in OIF/OEF. I was told that private purchase body armor was a no-no for soldiers in theatre. Since this one came out of Ft. Campbell...the home of the 5th SF Group.....it is possible that this may have been a private purchase or a unit purchase item for the SF guys. The plate carrier is in good shape, but has been used.

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    Diamondback Tactical Plate Carrier Empty Re: Diamondback Tactical Plate Carrier

    Post by alexd Fri Jul 03, 2009 4:08 am

    I think some of this PC went with the early Eagle SF kits but I'm not sure and they were Tan color.
    Anyway, great find as usual.

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