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    Fashionista? Empty Fashionista?

    Post by sh4pak Tue Sep 26, 2017 2:51 pm

    --I recall there being a thread pertaining to appropriation of military style by the fashion industry, but I could not find it.

    These things relate to that topic...

    Because this was puzzling:
    Fashionista? 36666329923_0e3448a327_cKIMG1340 by sh4pka

    but only for a moment:

    Fashionista? 37079430490_90d08ba3bd_cKIMG1341 by sh4pka

    I saw this in the thrift store, from the corner of my eye-- and my heart stopped:

    Fashionista? 36666329173_d8bfa75bcc_cKIMG1342 by sh4pka

    but only for a second:

    Fashionista? 37079430190_f3c583c209_cKIMG1343 by sh4pka.

    Then, there's this-- and I am... spechless:
    Fashionista? 37079431450_db830106e4_cKIMG1337 by sh4pka


    And... why stop with just the front?
    Fashionista? 36666330713_18afe29bd7_cKIMG1338 by sh4pka

    We may count ourselves either lucky, or unlucky-- as this is not a production item:
    Fashionista? 37079430900_9004d72f4c_nKIMG1339 by sh4pka


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