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    Mystery Salik type shirt


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    Mystery Salik type shirt Empty Mystery Salik type shirt

    Post by CollectinSteve Sun Mar 26, 2023 12:50 am

    I've had this for many years and don't know what to make of it. It's a very worn shirt in a brown version of French Salik camo. There's two totally faded labels in the neck and some sort of cloth patch on the left chest pocket (if something was printed on it it's faded out). It has both epaulets and tab style wrist adjustments, which someone sewed in place. It has a zipper and snap front, but the zipper is broken. The plastic snaps are unusual, but something similar is on a test the 2007 US Improved ACU model Test B.

    I am inclined to think this is not commercial. Anybody have any guesses as to what it might be?

    Mystery Salik type shirt Img_0010
    Mystery Salik type shirt Img_0011

    And the ACU Test B snaps for comparison:

    Mystery Salik type shirt Kgrhqf10



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