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    Arkan Tigers Jumpsuit


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    Arkan Tigers Jumpsuit Empty Arkan Tigers Jumpsuit

    Post by bajiman55 on Fri Apr 23, 2010 3:10 pm

    Does anybody know what types of labels or Identifying markings are on or in an authentic Arkan Tigers jumpsuit? Also, I've seen them in black, faded tigerstripe, and woodland. Which pattern is correct, or are they all potentially correct due to the lack of consistency in Serb uniforms of that time period/location?

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    Arkan Tigers Jumpsuit Empty Re: Arkan Tigers Jumpsuit

    Post by CollectinSteve on Fri Apr 23, 2010 6:34 pm

    Well, like so many things... there is no such thing as an "Arkan" anything except unit badges. These unit badges are themselves almost all fakes. So the only legitimate "Arkan" item (and there's more than just overalls) would be pretty rare and difficult to verify.

    The overalls were used by many different Serbian forces over the past 20 years. Off the top of my head there are purple tiger, green tiger, puzzle, and woodland. Woodland is, I think, was only used in the Kosovo conflict and internal to Serbia. The puzzle type is extremely rare from what I can tell. The only ones I've seen were used by mercenaries in Africa, so I'm not even sure if they were used within the Balkans. The purple tiger was only officially used by armed police units. Green tiger was widely used by Bosnian Serbs, but was also an armed police uniform as well.

    Making matters more difficult, Croat security forces also used green and gray tiger uniforms. I've never seen them in overalls, but I do have field jackets. There is also Serbian security forces blue tiger, but that's an extremely rare beast and I don't know of coveralls made in that material. Though I suppose it is possible. Gray and black are also things I've seen, though I'd guess that was more post-war stuff.

    I'm sure that there are quite a lot of holes in my generalizations. Pretty much every "rule" for the Balkans doesn't hold up very well to exceptions. There was a lot of chaos and improvisation since the breakup of Yugoslavia.


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