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    Help I.D ing unknown WW1 pendent


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    Help I.D ing unknown WW1 pendent Empty Help I.D ing unknown WW1 pendent

    Post by mark1914 Wed Feb 02, 2011 5:50 pm

    Hi all im new on here and this is my last resort to ID this item, i found it among a collection of coins i had passed down to me and never really took much notice, i have looked everywhere to find info about it to no avail, hope some of you guys might be able to shed light on it,
    A copper pendent the size of a GB modern 10p approx 1in, with king George v on the reverse there is a script saying

    Message from the king
    Buckingham Palace

    You are leaving home to fight for the empire
    Belgium, who's country we are pledged to defend
    has been attacked and france is about to be invaded
    by the same powerful foe
    I have implicit confidence in you my soldiers,
    duty is your watchword,
    i shall follow your every movement with deepest intent
    and mark with eager satisfaction your daily progress,
    indeed your welfare will never be absent from my thoughts,

    i prey god to bless you and guard you and bring you back
    Aug 9th 1914
    George. R.I

    pics here

    thank you for your time, mark

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