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    Sadam Presidential palace papers


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    Sadam Presidential palace papers  Empty Sadam Presidential palace papers

    Post by panzerwerk Tue Oct 18, 2011 10:50 am

    some paper from Sadam's Presidential Palace , below is a quote from Adam about the papers :

    "The Three pieces of paper I sent all came from the Presidential Palace , the small one was used to send notes within the Palace or take notes during meetings , the 2 bigger ones are from Sadams personal stationary and from what I was told he would send death threats or death notices out to people or their families on this paper they were killed or to be killed , the paper is called death paper by the people of Iraq ,Our Interpreter told me this paper was Evil"

    The stains on the paper are from Gun Oil.

    Sadam Presidential palace papers  SADAMppNOTEpaper1
    Sadam Presidential palace papers  PICT0014

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