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    ACU shipping legality

    John Brown

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    ACU shipping legality Empty ACU shipping legality

    Post by John Brown Sat Mar 03, 2012 10:24 pm

    I've seen references to the IR tabs on the ACU being "controlled items".

    What are the legalities of shipping ACUs out of the USA?


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    ACU shipping legality Empty Re: ACU shipping legality

    Post by CollectinSteve Mon Mar 05, 2012 12:16 am

    One of those silly things that is on paper somewhere but nobody pays any attention to it. And that includes the government. Early on when ACUs first came out the military made a lot of noise about this, obligating the commercial manufacturers to not put the IR tabs on. So what happened? You had to order the IR tabs separately and put them on yourself. This was advertised right out in the open since there is nothing illegal about that because the IR materials are commercially available and the US military has no authority to regulate their sale or use.

    In theory pretty much all cloth items are "controlled", IR tabs or not. All cloth based items are supposed to be destroyed or otherwise rendered unserviceable before being released from the military's control. The problem with this is nobody provides the military with the money to destroy the items and yet also tells them they should earn as much from surplus as possible.

    Talk about conflicting signals Very Happy

    In short, I wouldn't worry at all about it. If the bad guys out there want something they don't have to get it from the US... they can order it from China. Nobody in a real life situation would ever notice the difference.


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