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    UAV Operator ABU Empty UAV Operator ABU

    Post by Victor Brunswick on Sat May 04, 2013 10:29 am

    ABU dated 2007; named to SSgt Sochor; RPA Sensor Operator Badge; 7 Level Logistics Plans Badge
    In addition to being my very first ABU it's also the very first example of RPA wings that I've found.

    UAV Operator ABU 9b39517d-a125-4b69-9c29-00d3a0ba7ac9_zpsc6825839

    UAV Operator ABU 169713e6-4fda-46b3-ab0a-b15de80a6373_zps2a6a152f

    UAV Operator ABU 3a3cd36d-44d5-4522-bb84-2a78877c40c0_zpsc0e98038

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