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    Gabon "T-Pattern"


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    Gabon "T-Pattern" Empty Gabon "T-Pattern"

    Post by Philip Tue May 19, 2009 5:17 pm

    i've posted this topic on icus before. maybe some of you are interested in it... but i don't really know if it's a fake or not.

    desert version:
    Gabon "T-Pattern" Aaa003zvdi

    there are some stamps but also civilian looking tags:
    Gabon "T-Pattern" Aaa0056xco
    Gabon "T-Pattern" Aaa006bwv2

    urban version:
    Gabon "T-Pattern" Aaa007k93u

    same labels:
    Gabon "T-Pattern" Aaa00926rl
    Gabon "T-Pattern" Aaa010491y

    comparison between u.s. (left) and african (right)
    Gabon "T-Pattern" Aaa013fa01


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    Gabon "T-Pattern" Empty Re: Gabon "T-Pattern"

    Post by CollectinSteve Tue May 19, 2009 7:45 pm

    The tags don't bother me at all. Lots of uniforms for the last 10 years have such labels. The ink stamps are interesting, but I have know knowledge if they are legitimate. The one guy I know selling these uniforms sells a LOT of things that are incorrectly labeled, incorrectly badged, and sometimes are just commercial patterns picked up right out of one of the many Chinese factories. So I have been a bit skeptical of this uniform until now. The ink stamps... well, that makes me doubt these less.


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    Gabon "T-Pattern" Empty Re: Gabon "T-Pattern"

    Post by alltoursnatives Wed May 20, 2009 12:48 pm

    Hi Guys

    I received one set of this very interested patterns, and, as Steve say, the seller bought a few of them directly to the chinese factory -by the way the seller is an absolutelly desaster as ebayer-
    I beleived that the information that he gave me about this pattern shall be right, in fact the gabonese army and gendarmerie (specially the gendarmery) use very nice and inusuals patters (i.e the first patttern of the gendarmerie that I include in the gabon section in my web -sorry but I´m an absolutelly disaster with the pictures and I don´t know how can I post pictures in the forum- BUT.. I didn´t see any picture of the presidential guard used this patterns.
    In any case it´s a amazing uniforms. By the way, I have the beret badget of the presidential guard but really I don´t knwo if the colour of the beret it´s correct (I only see a picture of the gabonese president with some soldiers wearing the green beret) so any help will be appreciate

    I included the link to Gabonese section in my web


    Best regards

    Santiago Medina

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    Gabon "T-Pattern" Empty Re: Gabon "T-Pattern"

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