Odd SADF Pattern 83 Webbing and Variations


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    Odd SADF Pattern 83 Webbing and Variations

    Post by Rhodesian Camo on Thu Jan 12, 2017 2:03 am

    Does anyone know the significance of this chest rig?  It's just like the normal R4 Pattern 83 chest rig except it has the black border around all the flaps and a slightly different side pouch layout.  There is evidence of a small pouch on the right (as you see it) side like the normal R4 chest rig,but there is no evidence of a large "smoke grenade" pouch having been on the left side.  

    The black border cloth is also a little different than normal since it has chevrons unlike the normal cloth which has lines perpendicular to the edges.  

    It's not the only weird piece of nylon Pattern 83-style webbing I have.  There's also this very dark Parabat(?) chest rig I still have no explanation for:  

    It's not particularly well made either since both ends of the pouch dividers are not even attached to the side of the pouch.

    I've also seen R4 pouches with mag pull cords inside the pouches like my dark parabat webbing.  

    Is there any significance to these items or are they just random one-offs or production variations? Has anyone else noticed anything other variants of South African webbing, official issue or private purchase?

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