USMC Khaki Garrison Cap.


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    USMC Khaki Garrison Cap.

    Post by William_Blond on Wed Apr 24, 2013 2:09 pm

    Hi again.

    Recently I acquired a USMC Khaki Garrison Cap, but I have a doubt, I bought it in a militaria shop in USA, and the seller told me that this hat was used during WWII in the pacific theater, but I was thinking that it could be used during Korean war, is it ?

    Also, here appear a name, "D.C. Williams", could it be the owner's name or the manufacturer name?. And the numbers, appear two, 909665 and w-9655, I was thinking it could be the laundry numbers, is it ?

    Thank you again !


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    Re: USMC Khaki Garrison Cap.

    Post by 1stDivVet on Thu Apr 25, 2013 12:50 am

    Hello William,

    This type of cap could be either WW2 or Korea. I'm not a marine corps guy, so I don't know a lot, but the guys who are into it can date it based off the type of EGA on the hat. I know that since it has no rope, it is Korea or earlier. Maker is Hilton-Hamberg and is sterling silver. It looks WW2/Korea to me. There was a lot of carry over equiptment and uniform-wise from WW2 into Korea. Many troops were issued left over WW2 gear.
    The name D.C. Williams is the owner. The number is probably his service number. The W-9655 is his laundry mark. First initial of last name and last 4 of service number. Hope that helps some.

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