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    ARW Chest webbing.

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    ARW Chest webbing. Empty ARW Chest webbing.

    Post by Raptor Tue Dec 05, 2017 11:34 am

    Here are some pictures of a very rare item.The Lowe vector systems ARW(Army Ranger Wing) Chest rig.
    Manufactured in the old Lowe Alpine factory In Tullamore,now defunct, in the early '80's and used by members of the unit for "green role" operations until the early 2000's when they were replaced by PROTAC battlevests and subsequently by First Spear plate carriers.

    The set has some interesting design features that were made bespoke fro the unit. Such as dividers in the magazine pouches for HK 53 magazines(later Steyr AUG A2) and in one Ammo pouch dividers to take HK MP5 mags.
    There is also and unusual setup built in for the PRM-4515 Cougar Personal radio.The right side(as worn) utility pouch lid could be rolled back and secured by a female press stud attached to the pouch closure strap to a corresponding male press stud attached to the rear of the right side chest panel. The radio would have sat into the pouch and an internal strap with fastex buckle routed over the top of the radio and fastened to the pouch closure buckle.

    The shoulder right side shoulder strap incorporated four velcro fastened straps to secure the radio antenna.There was also one closed nylon loop fitted as well for tie downs I suspect.On the left shoulder strap there are two nylon loops one thin one thick.the lower one has a stiffening strip built in.This would ahve been to accomodate the PTT handset of the radio with the wires running from handset to radio being routed across the chest and secured by two press stud fastening loops.

    The inside of the vest incorporated the usual map/document pouch as is now common on most chest rigs with the "vector systems" logo stitched to the inside.Unusually the map pocket was able to open slightly more than regular chest rigs due to two velcro tabs either side of the traditional fastening flap.Finally there was a small ID window fitted to the back of the chest panel along with the usual body strap with fastener.
    ARW Chest webbing. Sl273410ARW Chest webbing. Sl273415
    ARW Chest webbing. Sl273416
    ARW Chest webbing. Sl273418
    ARW Chest webbing. Sl273417
    ARW Chest webbing. Sl273419
    ARW Chest webbing. Sl273424
    ARW Chest webbing. Sl273422
    ARW Chest webbing. Sl273420
    ARW Chest webbing. Sl273423
    ARW Chest webbing. Sl273421
    ARW Chest webbing. Sl273425
    ARW Chest webbing. Racal_10
    ARW Chest webbing. Range_10
    ARW Chest webbing. Arw_in10

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    ARW Chest webbing. Empty Re: ARW Chest webbing.

    Post by Camonut314 Tue Dec 05, 2017 1:14 pm

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