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    US Contract Uniforms for Foreign Nations?


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    US Contract Uniforms for Foreign Nations?  Empty US Contract Uniforms for Foreign Nations?

    Post by Tonkatsudon Mon Dec 16, 2019 6:33 am

    I've been curious if anyone has examples of uniforms contracted by the US government, and supplied to friendly allies.

    I've heard talk of the US supplying uniforms to Saudi Arabia, Post-occupation Iraqi and Afghan Police/Military units, and other allies around the world, often manufactured by the same companies who make clothing for the US Military (Propper, American Apparel, etc). NSN numbers and digging into records often uncovers vague references to contracts for military aid to other countries.

    I've seen pictures on this forum of Georgian Marpat uniforms made by US companies and supplied prior to the war with Russia. Other sites have Iraqi police uniforms made by companies like Propper.

    Does anyone have any other examples of this type of thing? I don't know if anyone specifically collects it, but it would be interesting to see all the different types of things the US had domestic companies manufacture for foreign nations!

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    US Contract Uniforms for Foreign Nations?  Empty Re: US Contract Uniforms for Foreign Nations?

    Post by CollectinSteve Tue Dec 17, 2019 12:37 am

    Somewhere I have a Woodland BDU jacket made for the Saudi Airforce. I forget what the tag stated, but that and a factory sewn Saudi Airforce tape in Arabic sewn over the pocket were pretty clear. I got mine from a local surplus shop that had a small quantity. IIRC they were all quality control rejects.

    The Afghan stuff was, from my memory, conducted by US companies operating directly within Afghanistan. I've also seen US commercial stuff showing up in other country's hands, as well as the usual US military contract pieces rerouted to allies (especially early ISAF partners, such as Croats, Austrians, Georgians, etc.).

    Off the top of my head that's all I can think of.


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