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    Nobody's Wanted thread!


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    Nobody's Wanted thread! Empty Nobody's Wanted thread!

    Post by nobody_yuz1on Tue Sep 15, 2020 6:35 pm

    Hello guys and welcome to my wanted thread.
    Here Il list and update my wanted thread so if you see anything that you can help me acquire please contact me via PM!

    I will colour code all the items so its easier to see what is going on. I will post what each colour means right below.

    Wanted = Orange
    Most Wanted/Priority = Red
    Always looking for = Purple

    Digital Patterns - Wanted List

    Macedonian Digital Woodland/Desert
    Peruvian Digital Woodland/Desert
    Albanian Semi-Digital
    Kosovo Army/Kosovo Security Forces Digital
    Singapore Navy Digital
    Singapore Air Force Digital
    Singapore Army Digital Woodland/Tempered/Desert

    Colombian Army Digital Woodland/Desert
    Colombian Marines Digital
    Colombian Air Force Digital
    Colombian INPEC Digital
    Latvian Digital
    Uruguay Army Digital
    Uruguay Navy Digital
    Uruguay Guardia Republicana of the National Police Digital
    Pakistan Army Digital
    Pakistan Air Force Digital
    Pakistan Navy Digital

    Non Digital Patterns - Wanted

    Romanian Multicam (Army/Navy/Air Force)

    Korean Patterns - Wanted List

    Granite B
    ROKMC Digital
    Korean Desert Digital
    SSU/ROKN Naval Special Warfare Flotilla Digital
    Literally any other Korean Digital/Non Digital Patterns

    Thank you all for looking.
    This list is always active/up to date.
    Even if the last update was some time ago.
    Last update of the list - Sep/15/2020

      Current date/time is Sat Jun 19, 2021 7:19 pm