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    1st Armored Division Ring


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    1st Armored Division Ring Empty 1st Armored Division Ring

    Post by Antimedic Thu Apr 15, 2021 5:39 pm

    I made a trade the other day, picked up some WWII pieces to expand that aspect of my collection.

    The trade was with a friend, and not too long ago, neither of us knew the other was a collector.  Turns out we both had things the other had been looking for, and more items that would be appreciated.  He knew I'd been in 1AD for the last part of my military career, and included this with the trade package:

    1st Armored Division Ring Img_3712
    Representation of the 1st Armored Division shoulder sleeve insignia, with "Italy" and "Africa" at the sides, likely indicating a connection to the unit's invasion landings history.  

    1st Armored Division Ring Img_3711

    1st Armored Division Ring Img_3710
    Same eagle insignia on both sides, though more worn on one side than the other.  Does anyone have a reference that I could look up the meaning of the rest of the sculpt?  To me, it looks like the eagle is standing on crossed artillery cannons which are in turn situated above a star and inverted chevron.

    1st Armored Division Ring Img_3713
    Not sure of the correct terminology here, trademark maybe?  "H.J.Co" - my guess is Herff-Jones Company.

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