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    Guyana Empty Guyana

    Post by TennoHeikaNate Fri Sep 30, 2022 12:59 am

    Anyone have anything from Guyana? I got this BDU-type set of their teal/sea green tiger stripe pattern from one of the Chinese factory sellers, still with cutters tags on the cap.
    It seems the older uniforms had more of a shirt than a coat with exposed buttons and only two chest pockets. I'm also unsure if their uniforms were always made in China or if Guyana originally had their uniforms made indigenously, or at least from another South American country.
    The coat has epaulets, and the trousers have a double button waist, large belt loops to fit a web belt, and bellowed rear pockets.
    I forgot to take a close-up of the cap, but it's a regular BDU-style patrol cap with a bit of elastic in the rear.

    It also seems in more recent years, the GDF has been utilizing more Chinese (surplus?) equipment, with some Type 07 and even older Type 87/99 woodland stuff here and there.

    Guyana Guyane11
    Guyana Guyane10
    Guyana Guyane12
    Guyana Guyane15
    Guyana Guyane13
    Guyana Guyane14
    Guyana Guyane16

    Reference pics:

    Guyana 1280px51
    Guyana 2000w_10
    Guyana 11829310
    Guyana _7d4210
    Guyana 7_sfg_10
    Guyana 20151110
    Guyana 18516710
    Guyana 18678110
    Guyana 15617710
    Guyana Art210
    Guyana Front-10
    Guyana Guyana10
    Guyana Img_6910
    Guyana Ranks10
    Guyana Sophia10
    Guyana Timthu10
    Guyana Winner10

    Older cut:

    Guyana 14417310
    Guyana A-plat10
    Guyana Staff_10

    Older, pre-camouflage era GDF uniform, from the Jonestown incident.
    Guyana Larry_10

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    Guyana Empty Re: Guyana

    Post by Dom Hyde Sun Oct 02, 2022 6:53 pm

    I like it.

    Photo #21 (soldiers reading spiral-bound literature) seems to show an individual with pocket flaps made from a different colour variation (light grey instead of black). Obviously not faded since manufacture, since the rest of his uniform is regular coloured (his cap shows what fading looks like). Could this be deliberate use of misprinted fabric or a specific variation of pattern, or something the individual has had done himself?

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