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    All Aussie thread


    Name : Peter
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    All Aussie thread Empty All Aussie thread

    Post by Typhoon7 Sun Dec 11, 2011 7:18 am

    This is all the Australian kit I have for the moment. DPNU and DPDU is coming very soon.

    First up, my collection of patches:
    All Aussie thread Img_0210

    Second, some of my kit:
    All Aussie thread Img_0115
    Two Steyr ammo pouches and one MINIMI ammo pouch. Both old series.

    Not really a part of kit, but my wallet should count, too. ^^
    All Aussie thread Img_0211

    My cap:
    All Aussie thread Img_0116

    Bush hat:
    All Aussie thread Img_0117

    Rain coat (Japara):
    All Aussie thread Img_0213

    All Aussie thread Img_0711

    Slouch hat:
    All Aussie thread Img_0118

    DPCU (I don't know the series)have three sets of these:
    All Aussie thread Img_0120

    All Aussie thread Img_0121

    Auscam desert scrim net: Shame I can't get it anymore.
    All Aussie thread Img_0122

    And I will be posting some more Aussie stuff here another time.

    Expect DPNU.
    Hope you guys like it all. ^^

    Name : Ben
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    All Aussie thread Empty Re: All Aussie thread

    Post by Camo_fiend Sun Dec 11, 2011 11:20 am

    You are lucky to have the DPNU. I really like that pattern but have not been able to find any. Looking forward to seeing it!

    Interested in any European digital camo.

    See my collection online: http://benscamo.webs.com/

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