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    HN-3 Missile Wreckage from 2007 Satellite knock down


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    HN-3 Missile Wreckage from 2007 Satellite knock down  Empty HN-3 Missile Wreckage from 2007 Satellite knock down

    Post by samuraisword Mon Jan 30, 2012 5:34 am

    Hi again we have had a few lots of Feedback from the HN-3 missile wreckage being advertised for Sale around the Web & Here



    There are many very Good Detailed pictures on Facebook if you place HN-3 in the Facebook search engine or hit the above Link.

    Quite a few people have said they think $15,000 ~ $18,000.00 would be a reasonable price for the 130cm Durralium Strut that 4 KG in weight.

    Chinese Anti-Satellite Missile

    In January 2007, China launched a missile that destroyed a satellite in space orbiting 850 kilometers above the Earth. It was the first demonstration of an anti-satellite missile by any country in more than 20 years. The missile was a medium-range, ground-launched, solid-fuel KTI missile, which is 13.6 meters long and weighs 19 tons and is based on a Dongfeng-21, an intercontinental missile with a range of 1,800 kilometers) launched from or near China’s Xichang Space Center in Sichuan Province.
    The target was the Chinese Feng Yun IV polar orbiting weather satellite, which was launched in 1999 and was orbiting at an altitude of 850 kilometers at a speed of 24,000 kph. It was destroyed from the sheer impact of missile rather than an exploding warhead. Striking an a satellite targeting at 24,000 kph with a missile that reached speeds of 76,000 kph takes great accuracy.

    A few people have said this may not be the wreckage from the Chinese missile that shot down the worlds first Satellite in space in 2007 ........

    A couple of unquestionable Facts remain & they are ;

    China has *never fired any missiles over Japan into the Pacific Ocean ; & this HN-3 Missile wreckage was recovered from the Pacific Ocean off the Far North East coast of JAPAN.

    A very important second point of fact is the, " Small Black Pock Markings from Space Dust particle Impact ", that can been seen on the small piece of HN-3 Wreckage which is unquestionable Proof this HN-3 missile has been into *Orbit.

    If you read all the Web History related to the Satellite knock down you will realize that the Chinese Satellite was in such a Low Orbit it was just hours away from falling back to earth & you can figure out That Satellite was not a weather Satellite ; but far more Likely a Chinese spy satellite, that the Chinese did not want any parts found from :
    Thus the Chinese desperate measures of firing this HN-3 missile into the Satellite to destroy it using Kinetic energy & this act directly resulted in this Large part of the HN-3 missile surviving the impact as the Missile has " Imploded " which can been seen in the 3 stress Bends on the Side Panel of the HN-3 Stamped 130cm 4 KG strut .
    You can see in my pictures the Side Panel on the strut Firmly affixed to the Strut yet a Gapping 8mm opening has appeared End to End on the Side panel.
    That kind of force on Metal that is as Tough as this Durralium at combined speed of the Missile 76,000 KPH impacting on the Satellite at 24,000 KPH is going to leave very little wreckage even when the missile weighs 19 Ton and the satellite only a few Hundred Kilograms.

    The End to End Bend on that strut Side panel is Hard evidence of Frontal Impact on this HN-3 missile.
    There is evidence of * Melting around many of the jagged edges of the wreckage & consider this large round section with electronics was contained inside of the missile fuselage thus it has survived re entry.

    There are many reasons why metals and materials from space survive reentry Angle of Entry speed etc etc etc & we do see many large metal objects on Earth that have survived very well from Reentry ; not all are Blackened charred unrecognizable Blobs !.

    A few people have said the HN-3 Generator LOOKS very interesting also & could it be *removed from the wreckage ?.
    I believe the generator could be removed with some Effort & I would be prepared to remove it if somebody wants to buy it ?.

    Numerous people have suggested that a serious buyer could cut the wreckage up into small commemorative pieces then have them Numbered and sell them off & I under stand this is being done very successfully with the SR7 Blackbird.

    I would be willing to listen to serious offers re the HN-3 wreckage, if there are any serious collectors on this forum interested in separating the parts?.

    I can email more detailed pictures on request my email below re enquiries.


    Thank you.
    Mr Matthew Hardy

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