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    UKSF dry bags


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    UKSF dry bags Empty UKSF dry bags

    Post by Scud Thu Aug 29, 2013 3:44 pm

    Some more from the collection. These were all binned from service as they were damaged beyond safe repair, however I've repaired them to a condition suitable for collecting. They crop up occasionally on ebay and I've seen them in surplus shops. Why the manufacturer labelled them as 'special forces' is beyond me... I've included a diving fin in the pics to give an idea of the size of each bag.

    006" alt=""/>

    Bergen dry bag.

    010" alt=""/>

    Bergen bag rear.

    013" alt=""/>

    Bergen bag label.

    014 - Copy" alt=""/>

    Comms/medikit dry bag.

    016" alt=""/>

    Comms/medikit bag, rear.

    017" alt=""/>

    Comms/medikit bag label.

    019 - Copy" alt=""/>

    Comms/demolition bag (also the right size for a resi Wink ).

    025" alt=""/>

    Comms/dems bag, rear (the tube is for manual inflation).

    026" alt=""/>

    Comms/dems bag label.

    030 - Copy" alt=""/>

    Outboard motor bag.

    032" alt=""/>

    033" alt=""/>

    M16 dry bag.

    036" alt=""/>

    M16 bag glove pocket, allows the weapon to be fired while still in the bag (makes a big hole in the end though Laughing ). The square pocket in front of it allows empty cases to be ejected easily into the bag.

    037" alt=""/>

    M16 bag glove, the glove in the pic is a heavy duty one that I fitted to replace the issue one that had perished. The issue glove is a much thinner rubber and tears easily.

    038" alt=""/>

    Rear of M16 bag showing manual inflation tube.

    039" alt=""/>

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    UKSF dry bags Empty Re: UKSF dry bags

    Post by LeeKitchen1975 Thu Aug 29, 2013 5:11 pm


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