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    Help from European Forum Members..


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    Help from European Forum Members.. Empty Help from European Forum Members..

    Post by Czornomaz Fri Mar 28, 2014 1:08 pm

    Hey Guys

    Im might be in Europe from the last days of July to mid August. Mostly Italy but also Germany (Berlin and surroundings) and France (Paris and surroundings) and Id love to the local forum members to point me out in the right direction for the biggest surplus stores in their area, as well as any fair, flea markets who has a decent share of military stuff, etc. Off course Ill be looking for mostly gear and clothing so any help from the guys who know will be highly appreciated. I´ll skip the Eifffel tower and the Bradenburg gate visit if I have to but there´s no way im leaving the continent without my fare share of smelly surplus..

    I know there was a flea market in Paris packed with surplus stands but that was back in 1998 so I would like to know if its still worth of visiting.

    I dont really know if this is the exacy forum to post this query so, if the mods sees it fit please remove to the correct forum

    Best regards and thanks in advance


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