Help with Belgian 1937 Pattern webbing - utility pouch set


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    Help with Belgian 1937 Pattern webbing - utility pouch set

    Post by Wolverine on Wed Apr 22, 2015 4:46 pm

    In my ongoing search for Belgian-manufactured postwar '1937 pattern' webbing I have come across several utility pouches (not basic pouches) in air force blue, but always the same side (utility pouches were made in fronts and rears).

    The side I keep finding is the (front) one with the long one-inch strap sewn to the back side (see below). I am looking for the (rear) partner, which has a simple tunnel loop sewn on the back side (like the Dutch 'rear' example shown below middle) through which the strap on the corresponding (front) pouch passes. I am also looking for the correct yoke that joins the front and rear utility pouches over the shoulder. Does anyone have any of these parts laying about?

    Here is what the back side of pouch that I am seeking would look like - this is a Dutch example, but I am seeking one in Belgian air force blue.

    And for reference, here is what an original (Canadian) 1937 pattern wartime utility pouch set looks like - note the 'front' and 'rear' markings. These sets were replicated in the postwar Netherlands, Belgian, and Italian forces, and possibly others. I do have an Italian yoke strap.

    Actually, I would also be interested in hearing if anyone has any components to complete my Dutch set. (A yoke, and the pouch with the long strap versus the tunnel loop.)
    Or perhaps some other Belgian components in khaki? I know that these are out there someplace...

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