Two unknown Armbands


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    Two unknown Armbands

    Post by Flecktarn92 on Sun Feb 26, 2012 9:14 pm

    I got these two a little while ago. One is a medic and the other seems to be a UN. The UN one seems fishy to me because when I got it at a surplus store in Philadelphia they had a box full of them and it looked like the patches were poorly hot glued on.

    Anyway they both have the same design, the back has two black elastic bands and seem to be made the same.

    Does anyone know the country and era of these and if they were to be put on a specific uniform?


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    Re: Two unknown Armbands

    Post by CollectinSteve on Mon Feb 27, 2012 3:48 am

    First one would be Red Cross, I should think.

    I wouldn't be put off by crappy work on the UN armband. Budgets being what they are and where UN missions usually fit into it. but no clue what it is.



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    Re: Two unknown Armbands

    Post by mpcol63 on Sat Sep 24, 2016 10:18 am

    Hi Both of these are from the Netherlands very typical of there construction again Medic for the first one no idea on the other have some other examples also



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    Re: Two unknown Armbands

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