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    Bundeswehr Canteens


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    Bundeswehr Canteens Empty Bundeswehr Canteens

    Post by austromunga Sat Apr 16, 2016 1:08 pm

    Hi all
    My latest addition arrived today so I thought I would start a new thread following on from a discussion on another thread,  on just this specific topic showing all four canteens....
    So I now have a Ritter pat canteen to add to my other three Bundeswehr canteens dating from 1956 right through to 1980's!!
    see pic,
    The canteens in the group picture are in date order.. first left to right top... 1956... then Ritter Pat "Kokonuss" dated 1959

    second row left to right.... 1962 dated... and finally 1982 dated

    Bundeswehr Canteens Imag2537
    Bundeswehr Canteens Imag2538Bundeswehr Canteens Imag2539Bundeswehr Canteens Imag2540Bundeswehr Canteens Imag2541Bundeswehr Canteens Imag2542

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