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    49/56 bayonet

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    49/56 bayonet Empty 49/56 bayonet

    Post by belgium_one Tue Apr 25, 2017 5:14 am

    Hello Smile
    some photos of 4 french army bajonet for the FSA 49/56 rifle
    it is the early production , (approx. 1956-58) with 22cm blade and natural leather frog
    the late ones have shorter blade and green tinted leather


    49/56 bayonet 472255baio49569

    49/56 bayonet 725500baio49567

    49/56 bayonet 670420baio49564
    E-RM = Etablissement Régional du Matériel

    49/56 bayonet 137352baio49568

    49/56 bayonet 369664baio495610

    49/56 bayonet 93052518RTIT1983
    the 49/56 rifle still in service in 1983
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    49/56 bayonet Empty Re: 49/56 bayonet

    Post by kansimba Tue Apr 25, 2017 5:20 am

    a nice one Smile

    @+, hughes

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    49/56 bayonet Empty Re: 49/56 bayonet

    Post by Mellon Tue Apr 25, 2017 8:33 pm


    Cool !!
    Congrats, it's are piece: Model 1958 are found more often.

    As far as I've heard, some units kept their MAS 49-56 Semi-auto and their MAT49 SMG until 1988.

    Battle Rifle and Semi-auto rifles were not that rare at the beginnning of the 1980s.*
    By 1983, the British still had semi-auto L1A1 SLR as their standard rifle.

    Best regards.


    *I think in 1983, Belgium became the second NATO country after the US, to switched from a 7.62mm battle rifle (FAL) to a 5.56mm assault rifle (FNC) as their main standard weapon.
    Israel , Austria and France switched before, but they didn't belong to NATO.

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    49/56 bayonet Empty Re: 49/56 bayonet

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