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    GROM coveralls


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    GROM coveralls Empty GROM coveralls

    Post by bond007a1 Mon Feb 16, 2009 11:40 pm

    This first one was used in Iraq in the opening days of the war around 2003. I got this from a guy in Poland who I have suspicions was/is a GROM operator. The set is well used & has rips 7 the knife pocket has been resewn & has red paint on it from ??? (and no...it is not paintball)

    GROM coveralls Grom_110

    GROM coveralls Grom_111

    the knife pocket

    GROM coveralls Grom_112

    THE 2ND COVERALLS...I got this from the same guy, this one is dated 1991...about a year after the group was activated...My guess is these were used in training exercises.

    GROM coveralls Grom_210

    GROM coveralls Grom_211

    the markings inside

    GROM coveralls Grom_212

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    always looking for combat-used desert uniforms
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    GROM coveralls Empty Re: GROM coveralls

    Post by zvez Wed Apr 08, 2009 9:30 pm

    thought I'd contribute to this thread, this is the lightweight ripstop one piece camo overall worn by 1 Commando troops in Iraq. These came from a section commander, is quite nice in that it has blood type written on the sleeve as well as blood type tab. I'm thinking the 1 commando patch was added after he got home, this is an Iraq worn uniform.

    Also attached a pic of the uniform in a Polish SF magazine.
    GROM coveralls Lublincdo

    GROM coveralls Commando2

    GROM coveralls Commando1


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    GROM coveralls Empty Re: GROM coveralls

    Post by CollectinSteve Thu Apr 09, 2009 12:44 am


    Nice piece! I wonder if it is a flight suit or if it is customized for GROM use.


    I think you must have the best connection to Poland of anybody I know, including my Polish contacts! Thanks for sharing the pics. I never knew they had a coverall in ripstop Pantera.


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    GROM coveralls Empty Re: GROM coveralls

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